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Instant Menu v.1.40


With mobile application Instant Menu for Nokia touchscreen smartphones you can realize a new way to navigate your phone. Instant Menu provides quick access to various phone functions and applications, the selection of which you can customize. Access to the menu is always on top and is located by default in the upper-left corner of the screen.

- Call up the menu by pressing the top left corner of the screen, accessible from any window;
- The menu contains a list of favorite applications for convenient launch at any time;
- The content of the menu is fully customizable;
- Additional features: closing applications, status, backlight control, etc.;
- Visual cues of location of the menu on the screen;
- The additional choices of action for a long press;
- Other additional customization of mobile software.

Compatibility: Symbian ^ 3, 9.4

License: Freeware

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